We’ve created a fully flexible mobile first ticketing system from the ground up.


What is a ticket? A ticket entitles its holder to access an event, product or service. Sometimes a ticket is a collection of these entitlements. Tickets are often valid for a specific event, or session.


By reminding ourselves what a ticket is, we’ve been able to redesign the process of selling and buying tickets. Our ticketing system is built around these entitlements and sessions.

More than just ticket sales

Scan tickets at the gate and swap them for our RFID wristbands. Monitor the movement of fans in, out and around your festival site throughout the entire festival. Data can be monitored in real time during the festival and recorded for use after. This data is valuable for future planning and can be used to create personalised festival experience summaries to fans within brand apps. Our RFID bands are fully integrated with our cashless systems too.

  • Simple but flexible
    Every event is different, so we’ve built our system to offer maximum flexibility. From complex ticketing options to multi-release sales plans – we’ve got you covered. Plus, just 5 steps stand between you and publishing your event. You won’t believe it until you try it.
  • Keep the taps low
    Research shows that every additional tap needed to complete checkout reduces the chance of conversion by X%. Using our checkout, your fans will be able to complete checkout in just three steps.
  • Instant Revenue
    You get the face value of each ticket sold instantly as customers complete checkout
  • Fans pay their way
    Festivals offer different food vendors on site to cater for different appetites. Using this logic, we have integrated a range of payment methods to suit your fans. Fans will be able to complete checkout faster, more securely and without needing to find their plastic by using Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others.
  • More personal
    Connect with fans to make your festival feel more personal to them, using data from social media, Spotify and similar services.