Every fan generates useful data before, during and after your festival. Use that data to shape the experience and create a better festival.


Whether that’s our ticketing platform learning about a fan’s favourite music from Spotify, or our RFID wristband tracking what festival area they spent most time in, we’ll revolutionise how you plan and run your festival thanks to data.


Plus, we pool together extra data from similar festivals meaning you get a better idea what’ll make your fans boogie.

Use data to revolutionise your festival

The benefits of this data are endless, but include:

  • Experience tracking
    Record when your customers arrive, leave, make purchases and move from one festival area to another. By using our RFID wristbands, we can build a picture of everyone’s individual festival experience. This data is a major asset in forward planning future festivals.
  • Accurate spend predictions
    By pooling together sales data from all festivals that we’ve revolutionised, we can help to more accurately predict the onsite spend of your audience. This helps manage budget expectations, stock acquisition and please investors with a more informed bottom line prediction.
  • Efficient festival management
    Data can be used in real-time to streamline your festival management. Make decisions on everything from marshal placement to stock distribution based on real and accurate data. With our bands your production office really does become mission control.