Cashless shouldn’t be an additional service. Our ticketing wristbands use RFID technology, allowing you to go cashless with no need for additional infrastructure.


Each wristband acts as a secure digital wallet, holding pre-paid balances to be spent on site. They can be topped up prior to the festival and during, via an app or at physical top-up stations.

Boost revenue with cashless

It isn’t just an add-on service. Cashless embeds itself within your festival to increase revenue across all onsite profit centres.

  • Increase spend per-head
    By going cashless your customers could increase their SPH by up to 39%
  • Pre-festival top-ups
    Lock in revenue ahead of the festival by offering customers the ability to top-up their bands ahead of time. Offer incentives to increase top-ups, set minimum top-up amounts (perhaps slightly more than your previous year’s SPH).
  • Align with pay day
    Your customers spend more after pay day. Cashless helps you to align your festival with these pay days to ensure drive spend, even if your event falls in a time when cash might be tight.
  • Remove the risk of cash
    Keeping cash on site is expensive and a nuisance
  • Speed up queues
    Cash is annoying to find, especially after a few beers. Dropping change and mental maths become distant memories.
  • Track concession revenues
    Remove guesswork when calculating revenue splits with your concessions. All transactions are handled by the band, meaning you’ll know exactly what’s been spent and where.